Essential Oils – Nature’s Remedies

Essential oils are natural plant products, long-recognized for their medicinal properties. Although essential oils should never to be used in place of medical treatment, this article outlines a number of simple remedies, based on Wholesale Essential Oils, for a few commonplace, minor ailments. All these remedies are based on the advice given by qualified aromatherapists, and I can personally vouch for their effectiveness.

Sore throat/mouth ulcer/gum infection

Add five drops of tea tree essential oil to a small glass of water. Gargle with a sip of the water for about 10 seconds. Spit out. Repeat until all the water is gone. Gargling with tea tree essential oil can also help soothe toothache until you can get to see a dentist.

Minor burns/scalds

Minor burns/scalds should be cooled first by placing them under or in running water for 5-10 minutes. Then add a few drops of undiluted lavender oil*. Please note, extensive or serious burns should be seen by a doctor.

Mild sunburn

A lint-free cloth soaked in lavender essential oil diluted (5 ml to 1 litre) in water (do not use a carrier oil which could react with the heat) should be applied gently to the affected area to help reduce the heat or burning sensation. Replace the cloth as soon as it dries with a wet one. Please note, serious sunburn should be seen by a doctor.


Lavender essential oil can also help reduce the itching cause by stings and bites. First, rinse the wound and then apply a few drops of oil diluted in a carrier oil to the spot.


Sprinkle 2-3 drops of lavender essential oilonto the edge of your pillow just before you go to bed. Breathe deeply. Taking a warm bath containing essential oils effective against stress/tension (see below) just before bed can also help you relax.

General stress/tension

Take a long, warm bath to which you have added 2 drops of lavender essential oil, 3 drops of ylang ylang essential oil and 2 drops of sandalwood essential oil.

Anxiety/worry/panic attacks

Lavender essential oil is also good for reducing anxiety, worry and panic attacks. Sprinkle 2-3 drops of lavender onto a tissue and breathe in deeply for a few minutes until that panicky, tight feeling starts to ease.

Colds/blocked nose

Sprinkle 2-3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a tissue and breathe in regularly throughout the day (refresh the tissue as necessary). When you go to bed, sprinkle 2-3 drops onto the edge of your pillow, together with a few drops of lavender essential oil to help you sleep.

I have found these remedies to be very useful for these commonplace, minor ailments, and hope you do too.

A few words of warning….

Please note, essential oils should never to be used in place of medical treatment. If you are pregnant, epileptic, suffering from high blood pressure or already taking medication consult your medical practitioner or a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils. Never take essential oils internally, and keep them away from children, pets and the eyes. Essential oils should also be kept away from naked flames – they are volatile and therefore flammable.

*Generally, essential oils should never be used directly on the skin, but should be diluted in carrier oil. The treatment of minor burns/scalds is the one exception.

Alix Williams is a regular contributor to the holistic website a home based  business providing hand made Aromatherapy Stress Relief Gifts.

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